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David Johnson out of practice with undisclosed injury

NFL teams aren’t obliged to offer injury reports during OTAs, so the Cardinals aren’t going to — even when one of their best players is on the sidelines.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Cardinals running back David Johnson has missed practice time this week with an injury.

But with Jackson’s low floor, he might end up just another name on that ​embarrassing Cleveland Browns’ quarterback jersey. Is it worth the risk for Cleveland if it means securing the top two non-quarterback prospects in the draft? That’s up to general manager John Dorsey to decide on Thursday.

Symmank spent last summer with the Vikings and appeared in three of their preseason games. He punted nine times for 386 yards with five of the kicks landing inside the 20-yard line. Symmank finished his college days at Texas Tech, where he punted 99 times in two seasons.

The only other punter on the Giants roster is Riley Dixon, who was acquired in a trade with the Broncos shortly after Denver signed Marquette King this offseason. Dixon punted 162 times with a net average of 41.3 yards for Denver over the last two seasons.

In Detroit, the Raptors and Pistons were tied in overtime at 119 with less than 10 seconds left, and DeRozan — who did this near the end of regulation — was racing down the floor with possession. But rather than play hero ball and settle for a low-percentage attempt when he was met in the lane by a swarm of Pistons defenders on his drive to the rim, DeRozan kicked the ball out to a wide-open Fred VanVleet, who drained the shot from 21 feet, giving the Raptors a win. Trust is an essential ingredient for a championship team, and it is decisions such as that by a team’s superstar that help build it.

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Giants GM Dave Gettleman said so many dumb things during his pre-draft presser

Dave Gettleman is an old-school NFL executive who values winning in the trenches with strong offensive and defensive lines. That could be a good thing for the New York Giants, who have struggled to run the ball and had a sharp decline in 2017.

But Gettleman’s traditional football philosophies bordered on outdated when he spoke to the media Thursday. The new general manager of the Giants sounded more like an executive from 30 years ago.  

Former state Sen. Raymond Lesniak, a Union County Democrat who led the fight for sports wagering in New Jersey, told NJ Advance Media the leagues are a day late and a dollar short.

Now that we’re on brink of a victory, they com looking for a piece of the action? Lesniak said Thursday.

Despite their lawsuits, the leagues’ views on sports betting have changed in recent years. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said it should be legalized and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has said it could boost fan interest in his sport. 

Solder, who had spent his entire seven-year career in New England before signing with the Giants this year, wrote in the Players’ Tribune that the Patriots could be cold.

It can be a tough environment, Solder writes. It’s very businesslike, and at times it can be cold. Everything in New England is predicated on performance. It’s a place where people sometimes treat you differently based on how you practiced that day or how you answered a question in a meeting. One day, you could walk around the facility feeling like a Pro Bowler — the next, like you’re about to get cut.

But Solder also discusses how, in 2015, his son was diagnosed with cancer at just three months old. Solder said that Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels were incredibly supportive, always urging him to prioritize his role as father over his role as left tackle.

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French beauty spills how she spent a night with Odell Beckham Jr.

Speculation has swirled over whether Cuenca’s video will affect the Giant’s shot at extending his rookie contract and becoming the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. Beckham is slated to earn $8.5 million in 2018, after his 2017 season was interrupted due to a fractured left ankle.

Had he taken questions, it seems certain Miller would have been asked why, if totally innocent, did he choose to remove himself from coaching the game after the story broke, and then chose to not attend practices. Or was that at the school’s urging?

Donahue, whose father Mitch played for Denver and San Francisco during a four-year NFL career, was a promising prospect entering last season as a rookie with the Jets. The younger Donahue grew up idolizing Kevin Greene, who was his father’s favorite player, and then got the chance to work closely with the Hall of Famer who is the Jets’ outside linebackers coach.

Dylan Donahue was expected to give New York’s pass rush a boost, but he played in only four games and had five total tackles after tearing a ligament in his right elbow while blocking on a punt return late in overtime against Jacksonville on Oct. 1. He had season-ending surgery and was hoping to be completely healthy by training camp.

The Alliance is the creation of Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Polian, one of the most respected and accomplished executives in NFL history, and Charlie Ebersol, a longtime TV and film producer. Ebersol’s father, Dick, defined NBC Sports’ programming for more than two decades and created Sunday Night Football. Dick Ebersol, who also pioneered NBC’s Olympic broadcasts, will serve on the board of directors.

Former players such as Justin Tuck, Hines Ward and Jared Allen will have significant roles in a league the younger Ebersol calls a true partnership.

That’s the best way a league can perform and will be ultimately the key to success, having an interwoven product, he says.

Whenever you have an endeavor that involves the kind of teamwork football involves, Polian adds, it implies a partnership, the need to get their buy-in and do things, particularly in a startup, that represent their best interest to make sure players know we have their best interests at heart. That is the guiding philosophy.

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The Giants are going to save money on DRC, one way or another

Not only is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie not making a position switch, there is a real chance he will not return for a fifth season with the Giants. The veteran cornerback has been asked to take a significant cut in salary, according to NFL Network.

This is not a surprise, because Rodgers-Cromartie’s salary in 2018 is on the books for $6.48 million, with a salary cap hit of $8.5 million. If the Giants cut him with a June 1 designation, they would save $6.5 million on this year’s cap money they can use heading into free agency and beyond.

On Feb. 22, she also posted a photo of herself sporting the same black-rimmed-glasses filter used in the Beckham clip.

Other selfies show her luxuriating in a fur coat, sipping champagne and snacking on sushi.

Her taste for the luxe life brought her to Italy and Spain in 2016, where she posted a video of herself at the Marina Beach Club in Valencia that August and photos at the Quality Hotel Atlantic Congress & Spa in Turin.

The quarterback market saw Kirk Cousins move into the top spot in terms of average salary per year at $28 million with the Minnesota Vikings, while Jimmy Garoppolo was bumped up to $27.5 million per year with the San Francisco 49ers. Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford is at $27 million per year off last year’s extension, while the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees is fourth on the list at $25 million per year after a recently negotiated two-year deal.

Cousins’ deal was for three years with $84 million guaranteed, while Garoppolo’s was a five-year deal with $74.1 million guaranteed. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is expected to sign a new lucrative deal before the start of the season and could become the first at $30 million per year, while Ryan seems likely to be a shade under.

This now puts more pressure on the Vikings to get a deal with Cousins done. They are viewed as the favorite to land him. It would look bad if they come out of this with no Cousins and no Keenum, the quarterback who took them to the NFC title game.

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Ryan Grant signs with Colts after deal voided with Ravens

Former Washington Redskins receiver Ryan Grant, whose deal with the Baltimore Ravens was voided last week after he failed a physical, signed a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday.

Grant, who has never missed a game in his four-year NFL career, suffered an ankle injury in Washington’s regular-season finale. As a free agent, Grant had agreed on a four-year, $29 million deal with the Ravens, only to have that deal voided last Thursday.

The first was the fact that the Raiders might not have enough money to bring in anybody else, including paying their draft picks. The second was that in order to fill out this roster, they would have to trade away players, or outright cut them, as they try to free up salary cap space.

On Sunday, the Raiders made their first trade, as they sent Cordarrelle Patterson and a sixth round pick to the New England Patriots for a fifth round pick. Then, on Tuesday, the team traded away fan favorite Jamize Olawale and a sixth round pick to the Dallas Cowboys for a fifth rounder.

Not only did these two moves improve the team’s salary cap position, but they also traded two sixth round picks for two fifth rounder. That means the Raiders now pick in every round in April, including twice in the fifth round, and four times in the sixth round for a total of 11 selections.

Jones said the Cowboys will meet with Bryant and his representation in the immediate future, likely before the start of free agency March 14.

I have had a lot of business with Dez over the years, Jones said, and I have been very involved with not only his contract negotiation but in many cases, his other personal business. It’s just not awkward at all to visit. We plan on visiting with him about his business. We are both very comfortable, being very candid. When you have that kind of relationship, and I do with him, then I’m optimistic when I am sitting here this time next year we would have done a real good job on his business.

Bryant, 29, has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and has not had a 100-yard game since November 13, 2016.

I don’t know if I’ve ever coached a more talented center prospect, Ferentz added. That includes my time in the NFL. He’s got some skills that are just really unusual. And he’s a really intelligent guy.

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However, the Celtics might not want to be a stable team, especially if they have lofty aspirations. After all, every non-Pistons NBA champion since 1981 has had a player who had already won a league MVP award, and those ’81 Celtics had Larry Bird before his three trophies. It is possible that Hayward, Irving or one of the young players makes that kind of a leap, but acquiring someone with that level of talent increases the team’s ceiling without necessarily compromising what has made them successful to this point.

Boston’s problem is that almost all of those players make a lot of money. There are young players with MVP ceilings around the league, but their teams are largely unwilling to trade them due to the combination of prodigious talent, cheap salaries and many years of team control. Even if he has not reached that MVP candidate level yet, Minnesota is probably more reluctant to trade Karl-Anthony Towns than the Pelicans are with Anthony Davis since the latter will become an unrestricted free agent in 2020 without an extension.

Justin Holiday plays only when Zach LaVine doesn’t, and Chicago has transitioned Robin Lopez into a role as hipster chic sideline model. Remember when the NBA said it might penalize teams for resting multiple healthy starters in the same game — especially in road games? Yeah, the Bulls don’t either.

Kevin Durant joining the Warriors sounded insane ahead of the summer of 2016, but James making a similar move is even more improbable. Here’s why …

Unlike when the Warriors signed Durant in 2016, the Warriors don’t have the benefits of a huge salary cap increase along with Stephen Curry on the biggest bargain contract in the NBA. James has remained steadfast in his desire to obtain a max salary, so there won’t be any discounts. There are some avenues for the Warriors to reach James’ desired number, but it wouldn’t be easy.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks notes the most realistic path for James to head west is by following the Chris Paul model: tell the Cavs he plans to leave, opt into the final year of his contract ($35.7 million for 2018-19) and operate under the assumption Cleveland will send him to the Warriors for multiple pieces once James waives his no-trade clause. Golden State would have to trade back valuable assets �� Klay Thompson or Draymond Green would likely be involved, plus possible draft picks �� but would, at the very least, hold a core of Durant, Curry and James, which is just bonkers.

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The NBL is considered one of the best leagues in the world and this initiative will give these up and coming stars an opportunity to create a name for themselves on the way to being drafted into the NBA, NBL CEO Jeremy Loeliger told ESPN. As Terrance Ferguson demonstrated, there are a number of players who for whatever reason won’t be part of the U.S. college system but have NBA aspirations and are good enough to be drafted. This will give them the chance to develop in a world class league in the NBL and push their claims for the NBA.

Currently, the NBL restricts its teams from having more than three foreign players on a roster at any time, which had made it difficult for coaches to justify using one of those spots on an unproven and inexperienced teenager such as Ferguson.

I’m here for this season right now, [to] try to figure out ways we can still compete, James said (via ESPN). I couldn’t give up on my teammates like that. I couldn’t do that. I just couldn’t do it. We put too much into the game every single day. We go out and prepare. Win, lose or draw, at the end of the day, we’re all brothers, and we understand that.

I owe it to my teammates to finish this season out no matter how it ends up. I would never waive my no-trade clause.

Kestelman told ESPN that a major priority for the NBL will be stressing development off the court as well as on it, to produce complete basketball players, and better adjusted young men. We want to get them outside of the glitz and glamor, and make this a mentoring school for basketball and professionalism.

As more American star players’ names trickle out as the FBI’s investigation progresses — something that could continue for years once potential trials start — it will be fascinating to see how this new NBL option is evaluated by players caught up in the investigation, as well as others who would simply prefer to explore alternatives to playing college basketball. The NCAA’s leadership and model has seemingly never been less popular than it is at the moment, with LeBron James being the latest to criticize the system. It was only a matter of time until challengers tried to take a bite out of its billion-dollar apple.

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Texans DC Mike Vrabel named Titans head coach

Tennessee has found its new leader.

The Titans have hired Mike Vrabel as the franchise’s new head coach, the team announced on Saturday. Vrabel previously coached with the Houston Texans from 2014-16 as linebackers coach, and spent 2017 as the Texans’ defensive coordinator.

The linebacker returned to the NFL as a coach in 2014 as part of Bill O’Brien’s staff in Houston and ascended to defensive coordinator in 2017.

This is an incredible opportunity and one I have been preparing for my entire football life, Vrabel said in the same release. I want to thank Amy, Jon and the entire Titans organization for putting their faith in me. I am excited to get to work and that work starts now. We want to build a culture around winning, competitiveness and toughness. Everything we do is going to be geared towards winning and being physical. We want to prepare our players so they know what to do, which will allow them to play fast and aggressive.

Vrabel was seen as a rising assistant in at least the last year, if not longer, with his name being tossed around for more than one opening. Now, he’s jumping ship from Houston to Tennessee, to lead the franchise that once called Houston home.

Whatever happens, I’ve loved being a Seahawk, Bennett said, via the Seattle Times. I’ve had a great career with the Seahawks. You just keep growing and keep playing the best you can.

Bennett signed a three-year, $31.5 million extension with the Seahawks just over a year ago after out-playing his previous deal, and played up to par at least statistically, recording 8.5 sacks and 40 tackles in 2017.

The Seahawks could also see a 32-year-old defensive end as not being worth a cap number that drops from 2017 to 2018, but still resides at $7.237 million per year. The money saved by potentially cutting Bennett would be a little over $2 million after accounting for his dead cap number of $5.2 million. If Bennett were a post-June 1 cut, his dead money drops to under $2 million, saving the Seahawks $5.5 million, according to

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Texans promote David Quessenberry to active roster

The Houston Texans made a bevy of roster moves Tuesday, but a promotion of a young offensive lineman from the practice squad to the active roster was perhaps the most meaningful.

David Quessenberry, who was drafted by the Texans in 2013, battled non-Hodgkin T-lymphoblastic lymphoma from 2014 to the day he finished chemo treatment in April. He suited up for Houston in the preseason, but was placed on the practice squad prior to the start of the season in August.

I think there’s some technical things in the drop, in the vision, where you’re looking, when you’re looking that we can help and get the ball out quicker, Turner said. We can help with his accuracy and then continue to find the things he does best and let him do those.

Getting the ball out quicker is one way the Panthers have tried to help their quarterback, and it was one of the principals that led to the team drafting running back Christian McCaffrey in the first round of last years’ draft.

There will be no discipline handed down this week, Lockhart, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications and public affairs, said in a conference call with reporters.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans were not on the field for the anthem.

The NFL’s game operations manual says that all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

It also says: Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.

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In reworking Week 17 schedule, NFL won’t have Sunday night game

A higher than normal level of uncertainty surrounding so many teams’ playoff positioning moved the NFL to make a rather unusual scheduling decision.

Left unsaid is the fact that a game played at night on New Year’s Eve probably won’t draw well from a television ratings perspective. But it’s tough to argue that, for example, flexing both NFC South games to the 4:25 p.m Eastern time window won’t make for a compelling few hours. The New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers are all in flux regarding their positioning for the playoffs (with the Falcons not even guaranteed to make it).

Three AFC games with potential ramifications �� Cincinnati at Baltimore, Buffalo at Miami and Jacksonville at Tennessee �� were also moved to that late time slot, joining the Los Angeles Chargers-Oakland Raiders contest, which could send L.A. to the playoffs with a win and some help.

Other Republicans have recently called for the NFL to lose millions in tax incentives as a result of the protest. Until 2015 when it voluntarily relinquished those benefits, the NFL was a tax-exempt entity according to federal law. But the league still receives billions tax breaks from federal and state governments in order to construct its privately owned stadiums.

He followed it by criticizing ESPN commentator Jemele Hill, who was suspended Monday by the network for tweets that suggested consumers boycott some advertisers for NFL teams who had threatened to retaliate against their players for protesting if they disagreed with the policy of punishing players.

There’s just so many little plays that don’t go in the stat sheet and small plays that make a big difference. Just the sacrificial cuts, and the pace of cuts and screening, and just details that go into really, really making a difference of getting your teammate open or your teammate a shot in a very, very small window that us professionals have to kind of make a decision, and it has to happen like ‘that,’ in the snap of a finger.

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